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DStv Installations Gauteng is an established DStv company with highly skilled teams of technical experts. We deal with all aspects of DStv installations Services In Gauteng.

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At DStv Installation Gauteng, we help our clients to get the right DStv system solutions to suit their needs and budget. Our technicians handle all the work from helping you select the right requirements and provide you with a truly professional service. Give us a call today on 081 372 4700Unmatched services and outstanding technical support at fair prices. Select your favourite package below.

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Local provider of CCTV & Satellite services.

We recommend the best solutions for your DStv needs from Residential Installations to Commercial Installations and Communal Installations all over South Africa. Call us for Unbeatable Prices and Same Day Service today at 081 372 4700.

With the help of a high-quality CCTV security camera system, you can keep an eye on everything that happens in your house or office. This challenging problem has a solution. We offer residential and business security services, including CCTV cameras.

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Our Services

DStv Explora Installation

In many households, the choice of TV programs to watch at any given time always varies from individual to individual in the house. To resolve this impasse, DStv Installers provides Dstv Explora Extra view solutions in Gauteng. . Now the husband can watch his sports and NEWS from his bed whilst the wife will be watching her cooking shows and soapies.

Communal DStv Installation

Communal DStv Installations Gauteng is ideal for properties. Having a communal dish means you can erect one satellite dish for as many apartments or rooms as a customer might have. This will keep your property looking good without having to put up a lot of satellite dishes. Having a DSTV decoder has become as important as having a vehicle.

Ovhd Installation

Openview HD (OVHD) brings you a wonderful new world of multi-channel TV in digital quality without monthly fees, you only pay once for equipment and installation. There are no monthly fees, no contracts, just a once-off purchase of OpenView HD decoder, Dish and installation, OpenView HD is a new platform to bring HD channels to South Africans for free.

Commercial DStv Installation

Commercial DStv Installation in Gauteng is used by a wide range of businesses and industries in Gauteng including Retail stores, Guesthouses, Lodges, Hostels, Bars, Nightclubs, Restaurants Corporates to name just a few.

Extra View Installation

We offer Extra view Installation, Third View Installation in Gauteng. Like Extra-View, the Third View comes with kids in mind. This is the ideal setup for a family. Now kids can watch their cartoons independently.

Single View Installation

Did you recently buy a Dstv Single View HD decoder? Our Approved, Fast & Reliable DStv Installers are here to help you out with your installation. Call us now to set up your decoder so that you can enjoy a full HD viewing experience.

Why Use Our Installers?

With our 13 years of experience in the industry working with Digital TV products, Aerials & Satellite equipment, it means that we are able to work fast and offer great advice whilst keeping costs as low as possible. Our engineers work tirelessly in Gauteng. With several teams on the road, we always aim to offer a same-day basic install and get you up and running in less time. Whatever your requirements might be, please call the Dstv Installations Gauteng  No1. DSTV Company. We will be happy to assist you in the best way we can.

We are DStv Installation experts.

Being “big enough to matter, small enough to care”. Our service is built entirely around customer satisfaction with the vast majority of our work coming from returning customers and recommendations.

We specialize in DStv Explora Installations, Faulty DStv Signal Repair, TV Wall Mounting, New DStv Installation, and Relocation DStv Installation.


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